Four Cantatas for Bass & bc (Crit.ed. Barbara Sachs) (GMP)

  • Instrumentation: Voice, Cello, Piano
  • Language: Italian
  • Composer: Cesti, Antonio
  • Editor: Sachs, Barbara
  • Publisher: Green Man Press
  • Copyright Year: 2003
  • Category: Voice with Obligato Instrument
  • Voice Type: Bass
  • Num Pages: 69
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Antonio Cesti rose to fame with the performance of his opera Orontea in Venice in 1649. Credited with building on the work of earlier opera composers such as Cavalli in Venice and Landi and Luigi Rossi in Rome, he wrote some 61 cantatas, most for solo voice and continuo.

Edited by Barbara Sachs


for bass (Eflat-f') & bc

A critical performing edition


Tra l'orride pendici
O dell'anima mia
Chino la fronte
Per l'ampio mar d'amore


The sources for this edition are manuscripts in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich (Mbs Mus.Ms. 1527, No. 3, Tra l'orride pendici, No. 5, the only source for O dell'anima mia, No. 15, Chino la fronte, and 16, Per l'ampio mar d'amore) and the Biblioteca Estense in Modena (MOe Mus.F.1350 for Chino la fronte, Mus.F.252 for Tra l'orride pendici, the only source for the 2nd and 3rd stanzas in the second section, and Per l'ampio mar d'amore).

The source in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek in München is a remarkable manuscript collection of sixteen cantatas and an arietta, all for bass voice, contained in a bound music book. The collection includes works by Pier Simon Agostini (1), Giovanni Antonio Boretti (1), Giovanni Legrenzi (2), Antonio Gianettini (1) and Alessandro Stradella (1). It appears from the paper, and the copyist's style, to be from the eighteenth century.

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