Siete Canciones populares Espanolas - 7 Popular Spanish Songs - Medium-Low Voice

  • Instrumentation: Voice and Piano
  • Language: Spanish
  • Composer: Falla, Manuel de
  • Editor: Mann, Jonathan
  • Publisher: Classical Vocal Reprints
  • Copyright Year: 2015
  • Category: Song Cycle
  • Voice Type: Medium Low
  • Num Pages: 32
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Composer: Manuel de Falla

Title: Siete Canciones populares Espanolas - Seven Popular Spanish Songs

Edited and transposed by Dr. Jonathan Mann

Voice: Medium-Low Voice (Transposed a half-step lower than original medium keys) (minor 2nd lower)

1. El Pano mourno (b-flat minor) (Range F to E-flat)

2. Seguidilla murciana (E Major) (E to C-sharp)

3. Asturiana (e minor) (D-sharp to B)

4. Jota (E-flat Major) (F to E-flat)

5. Nana (a-flat minor) (D-flat to E-flat)

6. Cancion (G-falt Major) (D-flat to E-flat)

7. Polo (a-flat minor) (D-flat to E (Fb))

(c) 2015 Art Song Transpositions

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