Keep Moving songs for hard times - Soprano, Tenor & Piano

  • Instrumentation: Vocal Duet
  • Language: English
  • Composer: Gendel, Scott
  • Editor: ,
  • Publisher: Classical Vocal Reprints
  • Copyright Year: 2020
  • Category: Duets & Duos
  • Voice Type: Duet
  • Num Pages: 44
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Composer: Scott Gendel (b. 1977-)

Title: Keep Moving

songs for hard times

Text: Maggie Smith

Duet for Soprano, Tenor, and Piano

1. Fuel (Duet)

2. The Center That Holds (Tenor solo)

3. Among Trees (Soprano solo)

4. Don't Be Ashamed (Duet)

5. Let Light In (Tenor solo)

6. The Mess is Where The Magic Lives (Soprano solo)

7. Many Lives (Duet)

8. Eyes Ahead (Duet)

Commissioned by Madison Opera for Jeni Houser and David Blalock

Copyright (c) 2020 Scott Gendel / Ivory ShellMusic, All Rights Reserved.

Text copyright (c) 2020 Maggie Smith, Reprinted by permission of the author & publisher. 

44 pages

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