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CVR makes no claim that music sold by us may be imported to other countries. Where the country forbids such sale of said copyrights, NO OFFER of sale is made by us for those items. CVR disclaims any liability and responsibility for any infringement which may be committed by a buyer in such imports.


Testimonials here

“...If you need vocal music and you're smart, you'll get in touch with CVR and Glendower Jones. I have yet to ask him for something he doesn't have. He will search high & low, move heaven & earth to find what you need and get it to you. He is the ultimate resource for vocal repertoire, and as far as I'm concerned, he is on a fasttrack to sainthood. Thank you, Glendower, for all you do for us!.....”
Martin Katz, Pianist


“...Classical Vocal Reprints has provided an invaluable service to singers for decades. The new website will make it even easier for us to benefit from this fantastic resource......”
Renée Fleming


“...You are a Treasure. All my best!!!.....”
Joyce DiDonato, Mezzo-Soprano


“...Congratulations on a fantastic new idea and so needed service from your remarkable company classical vocal reprints! The more accessibility and ease-of-use that we can possibly make for singers is paramount. Once again dear friend you are ahead of the curve! Good luck hope to see you soon yours.....”
Thomas Hampson, Baritone


“...Glendower has always been able to save me quickly via FedEx, but now it'll be instantaneous! A dream come true! Many thanks, my friend.....”
Susan Graham, Mezzo-Soprano


“...Glendower Jones has a unique place in the music publishing industry: he has a huge catalog of vocal works, spanning the centuries. He has a tremendous knowledge of vocal music, he is generous of spirit and he works tirelessly. Everyone who knows him appreciates that he is an invaluable resource. As a composer, I am grateful to him for printing up my music beautifully and shipping it out quickly......”
Lori Laitman, Composer