Twelve Pieces for Piano Solo Edited by John Michael Cooper
Florence B. Price



This volume offers the first publication of twelve stylistically diverse compositions for the constant companion of Florence Price’s musical life: the solo piano. All are edited directly from the autographs and most recovered from the abandoned house in St. Anne, Illinois, where a sizeable trove of the composer’s work was discovered in 2009. Including two rollicking scherzo-like compositions and two extraordinary contributions to her beloved genre of the piano waltz, the works presented here range from intermediate to early-advanced difficulty and offer a vivid and endearing portrait of the boundless musical imagination of Florence B. Price – pianist, teacher, and composer.  

Florence B. Price

Twelve Pieces for Piano Solo

Edited by John Michael Cooper

First Publication (January 2024)


Album Leaf 
The Bridle Path
Jolly Jinks
Little Cabin Lullaby
Mosquitos in Convention
My Neighbor’s Radio
The Old Deserted Hut
Tempo di Valse
A Tête-à-Tête
Thoughts of You
Waltz Charming

ClarNan Editions C129

Copyright (c) 2024 John Michael Cooper 

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